By Uzah Ephraim Oryiman

It is imperative to begin by thanking God Almighty for His continuous protection and provision. For providing for me an atmosphere where I have expressed and experienced true worship. Prior to my coming to the church, I had had a strong believe that church and all that concerns it was a glorified scum. This opinion I have held in part because of the recklessness and pretense that permeate the church.

Plus, it is no news that Christianity is a foreign religion in Africa. And it is quite unfortunate that it came handy with colonialism- a gloomy expedition to the African continent where it aftermath has left lots of postcolonial African nations in total sham. These and many other reasons had occasioned my conception of what the church was to me.

 Having read English at IBB University Lapai, Niger State and sat under the tutelage of Sule E Egya, a professor of African literature, with whom I learnt first the mandate of Marxism, the postulations of deconstructionist theorem, the ideas of post-colonialism, I became repressive to what my faith could be. In fact, I had rechristened my naming existence. It started with my facebook account then. The name I used was Uzah Ephraim Oryiman. Having read the ideas of Ngugi Wa Thiong`O`s Weep Not, Child, Devil on the Cross and Petals of Blood and a bit of his background, I became spurred to see the name Ephraim as foreign. I edited my facebook account`s name to UZAH ODIDO ORYIMAN my tribal names. Funny me! Then, I reduced my church activities.  I did, truly! For instance, I used to be a church boy. I attended catechism. I had received communion and had been confirmed. I almost became an altar boy. Well, I did not. It is not as if I brag about my lackadaisical attitudes but I had found my mind telling me a different thing from the things I practiced. I was young and exorbitant! Not as if I am old now sha!

I began to ask questions on the existentiality of human. I got engrossed with the consciousness of human mind. The society and her wellbeing became my interest. I asked questions like why would human be given free will to showcase evil! To whom this acclimated question was directed to seemed to be unknown to me. My mind was empty! Eager for fresh interpretations; eager for answers to my uncertainty. I have never seen a goat kill a goat. Where do human perceive evil from?  The mind! It is in the mind that evil is first conceived! It is in the mind that everything is formed.

While my church activities became reduced! It didn’t stop me from loving God. I had concluded that a man would be judged by the dos and don`ts of a particular. Thus, I had remained put to making sure that I breech not the ethos of different communities I found myself. Plus, while I had these bisque ideas I had always seen myself a perfect example of the candidate of heaven. “The goal is to make heaven”, I always say to myself before I go out for my daily ditty.

But something happened! What is that?

Stay tune!!

About the author Uzah Ephraim Oryiman teaches English and Literature at Harmony International College Kaduna, Kaduna State. His play THE HERBS unpublished has been staged in 2017 by Shinning stars Dance and Drama troupe Lapai, Niger state and in 2018 by Naseldram- English Department Drama club at IBB University,Lapai, Niger state. His poems have appeared in Ebedi International Magazine and other sites and blogs.

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