By Uzah Ephraim Oryiman

It is a new wave in how on a constant level there is always a maintenance of excellence by the woman of God anchoring the champion Faith Assembly Kaduna branch. God is a God of excellence. The glimpse of His excellence is made manifest in how the world is formed.

Pastor Blessing Ogbonnah has maintained a perfectionist stance in the way she has carried the diadem of Christianity. To many of us, it the chief core of our reliance in the promise of Christ in Christendom! Thus, even while we operate; we do so with reckless abundance knowing fully well that there is a God who blesses the works of those who have chosen to be called His own. Thus, this woman, like many God`s choice servants, should be give accolades for making a generation on the abyss of destruction amidst the squirms of inconsequential governance, aberrant reformations, moral decadence, spites of peer pressure and a host of other negative vice, see reason to even attend church. The spur here is her interest to arrest the souls of the damning youths exposed to cruelties already.

Disrupt the Atmosphere, the just concluded program in the church came with lots of demand. For many, to disrupt the atmosphere is to scatter the environment in its typical colloquial explanation. But, it goes beyond what the dictionary could give to it, say its meaning. To disrupt the atmosphere for the faithful in the church could mean to interrupt, disenfranchise, disorganize, and alienate from the chaos of stagnation, repressiveness, penury, infliction and affliction that may permeate their existence. With this in mind, it is of little wonder how committed they have followed the instructions of the resident pastor in Pastor Blessing! I have likened my pastor to Okwonkwo, the protagonist in Chinua Achebe`s Things Fall Apart. This is in the sense that like Okwonkwo, my pastor has emerged from a family where there was absolutely nothing to talk about. She would narrate how she been able to wrestle poverty and reproach. Plus, having been ridiculed by her peers of being impoverished and lacked the well withal of education. Today, she is celebrated in the city of Kaduna and beyond.  

The advertisement leading to this program was top notch and it came with freshness and newness. This is largely because of the paradigm shift from the usual of pamphlets and flier distribution to content challenge. The content challenge came with a promise of a cash of one hundred united states dollar. Thus, the internet and it global attendants became attractive for this surge. There were tons of people pouring out their creative dexterity to win this cash gift. For the subsequent winner, it a double portion reward- the cash gift and the eternal blessing of evangelism. God still listens to His own. In readiness for this meeting, a seven-day prayer and fasting was announced to be followed by the church workers. There were calls for prayers for provisions and saturation. Above all, the request that souls be saved by the mercies of God. In the cause of praying for this meeting, day 3, answers for prayers prayed the previous days received instant answers. However, the one the astounds the writer of this piece was the answer to the cancelation of heavy downpour of rain on the day of the meeting. The meeting was slated for 5 pm on Sunday, 16th of July, 2023. Around 3 pm, the cloud became heavy with signs of rains; there were lightings and mild thunder announcing the rain. In fact, in some part of Kaduna close to the venue of the program, rain had started already. But, It didn’t come close to the meeting`s spot. Hallelujah!!

There was an eruption as the meeting began. The praise fiesta came first. It was intensed as people danced with great intent. The praise euphoria began in earnest as Highest Dimension- the host choir ministered. The ministration cut across some languages on Nigeria. People danced and praised. The intensity grew to become more than the Pentecost as Dr. Min. Sarah came to the pulpit. The gravity is unexplainable. This is evident in the picture below!

Dr. Sarah

Her worship and praise led the congregants to realization of what Disrupt the Atmosphere could mean. It is not a showbiz or a fashion parade. Neither was it any fun fare fiesta or assembly.

Pastor Kinsley Ike would reecho this as he came to the altar. He would begin by saying “I am not here to entertain you. Haba, at the age?” Pastor Kinsley Ike is known world wide for being the Wamilele crooner. Thus, the anticipation was that he would continue the galor of praise songs that had saturated the atmosphere.

Therefore, he worshipped and encourage the congregants to do so. The pinnacle of his ministration would come in the analogy he drew. He had invited the host choir to the altar and had said he would keep something on the floor and ask them to turn and find it. He did and the choristers began the search rather aimlessly at what he might have kept for them to look. He would later say that that is how Christian behave; they approach God without cause. He would go on to say that the CODE FOR WORSHIP IS TRUTH. Here, he would see truth as the justice that lies in your conscience. The conscience is where you cannot tell yourself lies. He encouraged the congregants to pray.

As stated in the introductory paragraphs, one of the prayers made for this meeting is that souls would be saved.

While Highest Dimension via the lead of Min. Abba Utabu rain worship, a little girl was captured on camera intensely praying.

Whatever it was she was doing, the believe here is that there was an outpour of God`s spirit and children were not sparred from the touch.

Highest Dimension Kaduna Choir

Highest Dimension Kaduna Choir

Honorable Pastor David Praise

Honorable Pastor David Praise

Prophet Tinuoye Olusegun

See You at THE RETURN 2.0 come 3rd of September

Full video of the meeting

About the author

Uzah Ephraim Oryiman teaches English and Literature at Harmony International College Kaduna, Kaduna State. His play THE HERBS unpublished has been staged in 2017 by Shinning stars Dance and Drama troupe Lapai, Niger state and in 2018 by Naseldram- English Department Drama club at IBB University,Lapai, Niger state. His poems have appeared in Ebedi International Magazine and other sites and blogs

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  1. Awesome atmosphere is was indeed ❤️🔥🔥🔥 thanks dearest pst Bebe for always yielding to the spirit 💞💞💞💞💞❤️🔥 much love

  2. Awesome atmosphere is was indeed ❤️🔥🔥🔥 thanks dearest pst Bebe for always yielding to the spirit 💞💞💞💞💞❤️🔥 much love ❤️ All shades of awesomeness

  3. As we behold hold with our ears while our heart brood we are metamorphosed into what the human mind can’t seem to fathom and will never comprehend.

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